Local Centre Development Program

varoskozpontTo help city centers, sub-centers keep pace with the development of retail trade and the changing of shopping needs and also to secure that the existing local purchasing power can find the right conditions in the downtowns instead of shopping malls, a Local Centre Development Program shall be implemented. The local government, the retailers, the property owners and their representatives in cooperation with the relevant economic development actions can make the district centers and shopping streets competitive again with the implementation of the Program.

The Program makes possible to

  • allow the locally generated income to be spent locally;
  • improve the city and the districts to be more attractive for the residents, the visitors, and the real estate developers and in the eyes of the potential job creating investors, thereby;
  • increase tax revenues for the local Municipalities and the improving reputation spillover effects can generate new investments in the city, in the district and other areas;
  • create upward growth path in developing the local economy through public funds, grants that generate job creating investments.