Richárd Ongjerth

or_meretRichárd Ongjerth 

managing director


Telefon: +36 1 215-5794

„In the Knowledge Centre we are working on innovative solutions with outstanding young colleagues. It is increasingly proved that these solutions help a lot to solve concrete local planning problems therefore make many people’s lives better. That’s why I gladly come to work every day.”

Richárd started to work in the Knowledge Centre as a managing director in 2008 after he was elected by the presidency of the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning (MUT).He has strong experience in town planning, research and urban management. He also plays a key role in developing innovative services and the main identity of the Knowledge Centre. His mission is to refresh the methodology of Hungarian urban planning. Richárd also invests significant time in research and planning activities where he can exploit his wide-range experiences. He was the lead expert of the EnSURE CEE project which focused on revealing methods for energy efficient urban development. Now, he is the leader of the SPECIAL IEE project which main objective is to build knowledge and capacity of planning experts to integrate energy into spatial planning. Moreover, Richárd is the national expert of Covenant of Mayors and through this connection the whole MUTK team becomes an expert of energy conscious urban planning.

He is a lecturer on several professional conferences and has dozens of publications mainly about urbanism and practical methods, possibilities and reformation of urban renewal. He’s an active communicator; often undertake the role of the moderator in MUT, in the Knowledge Centre and in other professional organizations’ conferences, workshops. Richárd is a constant media player in professional programs concerning awareness raising and dissemination of knowledge. He was an editor and host of Városi Sáv (Urban Frequency) in the urban section in FUGA Radio. In addition to his work in the Knowledge Centre, he has been active since 1993 in the professional education. Currently he is a scientific associate at Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Sociology and Communication, and he is also the head of the Urban Communications Workshop on the department. In parallel he teaches landscape architects at the Corvinus University of Budapest’s master course to marketing based urban planning.

Since 1986, he has been a member of MUT where for the past twenty years he has been elected as a member of the presidency seven times. He initiated the formation of a few divisions: Higher Education, Management, Project Finance and Heritage Management. He’s work is also involved in the first two divisions. As a practicing urban planner he owns DRO Studio.