Our projects

International tenders

In collaboration with experts from other EU member countries, and within the framework of direct EU subsidies, we research and elicit methods and practices that provide answers to current problems. We then make these results available for interested parties, through a range of far-reaching communication tools.

We also act as external experts in EU funded projects for other organisations, undertaking special projects in areas related to urban research and planning, such as investigation, strategy design, dissemination, communication work, or partnership building.


Current Projects


MUTK plays an important role in the Nature4Cities H2020 project, launched on 1 November 2016. This project develops and models solutions that are easy to use and are near-natural for the renaturation and recultivation of the city, by using new, collaborative models in the fields of knowledge dissemination, and in supporting decision-making. The Knowledge Centre, one of the top partners in the project, is responsible for the greater part of the ten packages of work, and is leading Workteam No.2, which is evaluating the urban solutions.

The development of near-natural urban solutions is a popular and steadily growing innovative research area throughout Europe, which is why there are 25 international partner organisations, in addition to the leading French partner, participating in this project until 31 October 2020. Nature4Cities is the most extensive project ever in the history of MUTK, therefore the permanent team of our Knowledge Centre has been reinforced with external experts to participate in this work process, that also results in forward-looking solutions for Hungarian urban planners. Besides MUTK, other Hungarian stakeholders of this project include a climate research team from the University of Szeged, and the municipality of Szeged as one of the pilot cities. You can read more about the project here: https://www.nature4cities.eu/


Completed projects


We participated, in cooperation with the experts of five countries and within the context of the EU’s Central Europe Programme, in the mapping of the regulatory, urban planning, and financial frameworks of energy-efficient urban planning, and we completed a sustainable Energy Action Plan for Budapest’s Óbuda borough as a pilot project. Further information: www.ensure-project.eu


The objective of this international project, subsidised by the EU’s Intelligent Energy Europe programme, is to prepare urban planners for climate conscious regional planning. The eight participating organisations have developed a common curriculum, which will be passed on by the participating multiplier organisations, appropriately tailored and supported by pilot training sessions, to relevant professionals (urban and regional planners, energy engineers, economists) in each country involved. For further information please see: http://special-eu.hu/


This project was carried out within the framework of the EU’s South-East Europe Programme, with a number of international partners working under the leadership of the Municipality of the Csepel Island district of Budapest.  The objective was to develop a set of criteria for the revitalisation of rust belt areas, and we participated in the project development, providing planning, legal and financial advice, as well as formulating the recommendations for the final document. The results of this project were also used to develop an action plan for the Csepel Works site, which was adopted by the municipality. Further information: www.retinasee.eu


The objective of this international research project, supported by the EU’s Central Europe funding programme, was to explore and test methodologies for climate-conscious public space planning, in cooperation with climate researchers from eight countries. MUTK’s tasks involved the experimental climate conscious planning and computer-aided assessment of the public spaces of a half a square kilometre area of Millenáris Park in Budapest, the Hungarian pilot site. This research, which lays new foundations for public space planning in Hungary, will continue after the project has ended, in the form of exercises for university students. More information about the project here: http://eu-hi.eu


The EUROPAN International Competition for Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture is a European showcase for young (under 40) architects, urban designers, and landscape architects, the largest of its type in terms both of the number of the competitors and the reputation of the competition, which has led, in several cases, to contracts.

EUROPAN’s objective is to let young architects, urban designers and landscape architects of the continent realise their visions for strategically selected competition sites in our cities, assigned for this purpose by the local municipalities, or by different developers and companies related to this programme. Another objective of this competition is to connect two different scales, that of architecture and of the urban planning, thereby requiring interpretation and development of both the urban context, and also the immediate surroundings of the architectural intervention. Further information: http://www.europan-hungary.hu