Lívia Pintér

pl_meretLívia Pintér 

head of communication and external affairs

E-mail: l.pinter@mut.hu

Telefon: +36 1 215-5794

„I enthusiastically work for make us successful and help our partners to success all with adequate, proper and accurate communication. Efficacy of our job has effects on not only the competitiveness of cities, practice of their effective settlement planning and the citizens’ living quality, but the fact that it is noticed.“

Livia joined to the Knowledge Centre as the head of communication and external affairs in February of 2014, having years of business experiences. One of her main task is to create, develop and implement the communication and client services and sales strategy of the company. She also works for put client service approach in to practice and also for keep it in colleagues mind. Livia coordinates the client service activity and leads the client service and communication team; she also provides communication trainings for all the colleagues of the Knowledge Centre. She had substantial role in communicating and promoting EUROPAN13.

Livia attained her first degree in 2005 at Budapest Communication College. After catching experiences of journalism, sales and management she took her excellence master diploma at BME Department of Sociology and Communication, at environmental communication and communication planning specialization. Livia has come in for state scholarship, in 2013 she won the BME GTK Excellence Student of the Faculty Award and she’s got scholarships every year for her scientific and public activities. She was the founder president of Hungary’s first College for Advanced Studies in Communication Studies, KommON in 2012-2013.

Beside her job at Knowledge Centre she works on her scientific themes in sociology of cities and environmental communication.