Alexandra Szabó

szal_meretAlexandra Szabó 

office manager


Phone: +36 1 215-5794

“Everyone wishes to work in a friendly, inspiring environment and to work with professionals. For me the Knowledge Center is such a place. Here, I have a chance to learn new skills and to face new challenges every day. “

Alexandra is an office manager since April 2013 and works as a financial associate in MUTK’s SPECIAL IEE EU project. She takes part in organizing and coordinating EUROPAN – a national competition of urban and architectural projects – as well she holds relations in international level with other professional organizations such as the ECTP-CEU. In addition to the full performance of the administration she handles the everyday organizational and preparational tasks of the MUT Secretariat. She is also responsible for the organization of the Conferences and she coordinates the implementation of the operational communication of the MUT Secretariat.

The MobEx 2013-2014 (Mobile Exhibition of Urbanism) exhibition and program events in Budapest were implemented in her coordination in 2014, together with the four Visegrad countries. In 2014 the international exhibition and conference of Land Urbia was co-organized by her.

She started her career in the Knowledge Centre in January 2013 as a blogger of MUTATÓ Blog and soon became an editor in chief.

She finished her masters in landscape architecture in February 2013 at Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Landscape Architecture Department of Landscape Protection and Reclamation. In her diploma she dealt with the testing and design of the bike paths, and created a unique, integrally combined evaluation system for the previously separately treated engineering design and green space criteria. Her research and designer work won the 1st place in XXX. Jubilee OTDK in 2011, in 2013 was awarded with the Ormos Imre Foundation Diploma Award and received praise on the MUT Diploma Award competition. Alexandra is a member of MUT since 2013.