Árpád Szabó

sza_meretÁrpád Szabó 

EUROPAN national coordinator

E-mail: arpad.szabo@mut.hu

Phone: +36 1 215-5794

„Professionality, openness and dynamism, this characterizes the Knowledge Centre in all of its activities”

Árpád has been participating in the activity of the Knowledge Center since 2008. He is the coordinator of the EUROPAN competition for architects and urban designers under the age 40. Besides his operative activity he represents the Knowledge Center in the International Europan Council as well. He is the key figure in preparing the competition briefs, organizing the jury procedure, managing the financial and professional aspects of the competition process organized in two-year-long cycles.

He is a full time associate professor of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Faculty of Architecture, BME. After graduating as an architect he obtained his scientific degree (DLA) in 2007. He leads his own office of architecture, where he deals with building design and urban planning. He became a member of MUT in 2009.